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Clun Forest Sheep

Clun Forest Sheep are a shortwool, down breed of sheep that originated in the southwest corner of Shropshire, England.  The breed, named after the town of Clun and its surrounding forests, is descended from a very ancient line of sheep.


In North America, the breed is growing in numbers and is valued for its hardiness, adaptability, ease of handling and prolificacy.  Shepherds describe Cluns as a self-sufficient breed in terms of lambing, mothering abilities and the breed’s ability to manage on pasture alone.


The Cluns are not only known as a meat and dairy breed.  The wool is also gaining recognition for its exceptional qualities.  Overall, it is uniform, easy to handle for spinners and produces a lofty, elastic yarn that is springy and fun for knitting and crocheting.  The wool staple is typically around 4 inches in length with a micron count between 28 and 25. The yarns have a beautiful natural creamy color but can also be easily dyed.  End products from the Clun yarn include sweaters, socks, scarves, hats and blankets.


   For more information about the Clun Forest breed please visit the North American Clun Forest Association website at:


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